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As the name itself suggests, Email Marketing is the use of emails to promote products and services offered by a business.
More and so, Email Marketing fosters deep-rooted relationships with the potential customers of a brand. It keeps its regular and loyal clientele notified and updated about any recent developments that have been made by the business.

Not solely that, Email Marketing Campaigns furnish businesses, the power of fabricating a personal bond with their committed customer base. They can, therefore, offer reward coupons and several exclusive discounts to their brand advocates!


Outdated? Well, not at all! 


Email Marketing is still one of the most compelling and effective customer acquisition strategies!


As stated in researches and studies, the number of global e-mail users was 3.9 billion in the year 2019, and it is set to grow to 4.48 billion users by the year 2024 as well! There is certainly no mark of Email Marketing to go obsolete.


Email Marketing creates a reliable engagement with your target audience. 
40 times more powerful than Facebook and Twitter, combined, Email Marketing helps your business to acquire new customers.


Consistent Email Marketing endeavors nurture and instill trust and confidence amongst your target audience, eventually, turning them into repeat customers. The constant tailor-made efforts, to stay connected to your customers, secure them to feel valued.


Email Marketing is an effective technique to keep your customers informed about any current deals or promotions, that are being pursued by your brand too! Again, as this client base is a loyal one, there is an escalated opportunity for your business to fetch more sales leads.



Email Marketing fetches countless benefits to a business:

(1) Email Marketing is Cost-effective.

(2) It Helps to Send Customised Messages to Your Target Audience. Email Marketing segments your target audience, based on their demographics, their buying behavior, and other data points. This fragmentation further helps in drafting tailor-made content for each of your customers.

(3)   Email Marketing Builds The Foundation for Strong and TrustWorthy Customer Relationships. The consistent and earnest efforts of your business, portrayed via each and every email sent to the customer, indeed, earns the brand its team of loyal advocates.

(4) Click-to-deliver rates, open rates, subscriber retention rates, Email Marketing Can Draw Accurate And Invaluable Metrics. These numerics can, indeed, provide you with insights about the distinctive behaviors and interests of your clients. You could, thereupon, study their responsiveness and devise a strategy to fetch their interests, more precisely.

(5) Email Marketing Increases Your Brand Awareness. Every subject line in the box of your recipients, helps your brand create a top-of-the-mind awareness amongst your customers. Well-timed, aesthetically appealing, and content-rich email campaigns, acquire unimaginable recognition points!




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All the brands today, without fail, ask their customers to fill in their email addresses through their process of subscriptions.


So, why do they do that?


To target their leads/ their potential customers, telegraph them tailor-made messages, fetch their confidence through consistent communication, and turn them into their clients. Though, if a business wants to earn the title and significance of ‘Loyalty’ from its client base, it can solely win their advocacy for the brand, by providing them with an outstanding service or product offering.


And well, the popular beverage brand, Starbucks knows how to truly utilize the power of Email Marketing.


Simplicity and elegance, all hitched together to form a beautiful Email Campaign alliance, Starbucks has ensured to never make its recipients miss out on reading its content (even through its interesting subject lines of rewards and coupons!). It has aesthetically arrested the sights of its customers. Spellbinding animation, striking images, expert typography, compelling layouts, themed marketing, personalized content, and consistency! Starbucks has nailed its email campaigns quite flawlessly!

And their rewards, coupons, and extraordinary deals!

They have propelled us to visit Starbucks yet again and again and again. Starbucks, therefore, has all the rights for being endorsed by its patrons.


It has indeed won their confidence and trust through their remarkable Email Marketing game.


You too could do the same for your business and win over the hearts of your loyal client force! They can be your advocates.



Email Marketing includes the process of distinctive content creation, delineation of stunning email templates, timely email scheduling, and tracking of responses.


The Email Marketing solutions offered by The Aspiring CEO are designed to engage your audience, build your leads, and convert them into your customers. As one of the Best Email Marketing Companies of India, we fabricate incredible email campaigns to captivate the interest of your users, build trustworthy relations, and ensure to maintain a prompt and regular communication with them. 


The Aspiring CEO can help you to target your audience and your Email Marketing goals, to a T.

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