- Oct 11, 2018

Content marketing is one of the newest forms of marketing which is effective marketing and proving to be one of the most intelligent forms of business driving marketing which is ruling the internet. There’s no doubt that content marketing is dominating the digital marketing space and digital marketing is not possible without content marketing. Rather than replacing SEO, social media or email marketing, it has become an integral component of each of these strategies and channels.

Despite the widespread use of content marketing, the majority of companies struggle with the effectiveness of their content strategy and only few marketers say that their content marketing is effective. This definitely increases the opportunity for anyone considering a start in a content marketing business. There is digital marketing agency which helps businesses with their content strategy, creation and promotion across all their digital marketing channels.

No matter what type of content you choose to work with, you’ll definitely need a base, a platform on which content becomes viewable. In the online world, content representation is necessary and can be represented in three types:

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