Ways Through Which You Can Keep Remote Meeting Productive And Effective

- Jun 17, 2020

In the old days, when individuals really went into workplaces, quite a bit within recent memory was spent hurrying from meeting to meeting—and we’ve all been at those: the ones that never end, that go off course, that aren’t powerful or profitable.

By seeing at the present situations, that is due to COVID-19 majority of the people are working from home, and this is the time that offices and their working employees can thinks and make online meeting productive, more focuses and no doubt collaborative.

Since the current situation will have the long lasting effect on how offices work, yes we all know the fact that at present time the offices are working like a team with more agenda and time constraints.

So here are some points that you can go through before scheduling your remote meeting to make sure that your team members are productive and involved in activities.

Determine If Meeting Is Necessary

Before starting the meeting it is very important to jot down the points that needs discussion while avoiding some unnecessary things that can take up your time.

It is also essential to make a plan for a meeting that needs to be done for any particular project and also can be scheduled on weekly.

Report status can also be prepared in the form of question rather than discussing the whole matter.

Communicate with your team mates to make sure to discuss only the important points.

Also you can share post meeting detail to the one who are not present.

Meeting Leader That Can Help

It is very important to make sure you assign a meeting leader so that he/she can take care of all the points and necessary things that needs to be taken care. The role of the meeting leader is to-

Communicate with all the members to make sure all things get cleared on meeting goals.

All the agenda should be discussed and circulated to make them ensure about the protocols.

It is the primary  duty of the leaders to provide the agenda, the details and all other necessary things that one require to make the project accomplish.

The person who has attended the meeting should made their roles clear and the steps that they need to take care of.

Take follow-ups from team members.

Guidelines For Remote Meeting

There is a guideline for every meeting that needs to be followed to make the meeting productive.

The one who is attending the meeting must be aware of the goal in advance, this will help the attendees to save their time.

Let the goals be distributed to each and every employee and also what is expected for them.

Make sure you are always ready with another plan, in case the plan A fails to work.

Allow every individual to participate and share their thoughts and opinion.

Sometimes it is necessary to make the face to face meeting rather than going for virtual one.

Allow Team Members To Speak

It is very important to make sure that every team member speaks and put their points so it will make better understanding of their thoughts.

It is essential to add time to time agenda to team members to take their thoughts just to know what is going in their minds.

Also need to create pause between so that it takes easy to understand the conversation better.

Flexible Meetings

Since we have seen that many of them are going through the way team are working dealing with the stress, so besides keeping all this apart it is better to make a step to make meetings flexible

It is very important to set any meeting hour.

The respective attendees over video call and voice only when needed.

Also make sure to make attendees free when their work is done or they have understood the whole agenda.

Feedback that is very important so that we can get the exact review about the remote meeting and what changes need to be done to make them effective.


  • Make sure if meeting is needed.
  • Leader is important.
  • All the stakeholders need to be informed.
  • Must share agenda and roles to individual person.
  • Technology check to make sure everything is in perfect state.
  • Flexibility is important.


So the effective tips and tricks will help you to make your remote meeting productive and effective.

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