- Jun 21, 2018


Marketing for any business is very important, as it is said “RUNNING A BUSINESS WITHOUT MARKETING WILL KILL IT”. For running any business company should deliver their aspects , through which the concepts of goods and services should reach to the customer whether it is in the form of selection , price,promotional strategy. Marketing is totally dependent upon customer need.

Now a days marketing has take various form and keeping in mind about the technology online marketing has conquer the world which usually take the form of DIGITAL MARKETING.


72% of the marketer believe that traditional marketing is no longer sufficient as Digital Marketing can increase 30% of the business revenue.As compared to traditional marketing strategies Digital Marketing is evolving at a very higher conversion rate.

Communication by the means of digitally are quickly adaptable, quicker and result oriented.


Equal opportunity for all kind of business.-It provides an equal platform to compete with all types of business varies from small to big and allow them to attract traffic.

Cost effective than Traditional marketing-Little resource and even capitalization restrict some of the organization to not go beyond their limit for marketing as Digital Marketing provides an platform for all types of business.

Higher conversion rate- Depending upon the website which allow more traffic to get engaged and increase the number of visitors which ultimately allow the higher conversion rate.

Facilitates interaction with target audience-Internet Marketing has become an important tool to get connected with the audience which allow the better engagement plan.

Brand reputation building- The power of digital marketing has always lied in attracting target audience, the more audience attracted the more brand reputation.

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